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Static Variables

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The final type of variable scoping that I discuss is known as static. In contrast to the variables declared as function parameters, which are destroyed on the function's exit, a static variable will not lose its value when the function exits and will still hold that value should the function be called again.

You can declare a variable to be static simply by placing the keyword STATIC in front of the variable name. STATIC $somevar;

Consider an example:

function keep_track() {

STATIC $count = 0;


print $count;

print "


What would you expect the outcome of this script to be? If the variable $count were not designated to be static (thus making $count a local variable), the outcome would be:


However, since $count is static, it will retain its previous value each time the function is executed. Therefore, the outcome will be:


12:05 AM

Global Variables

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this time online business to explain about global variable, what is global variable let's
we see. a global variable can be accessed in any part of the program. However, in order to be modified, a global variable must be explicitly declared to be global in the function in which it is to be modified.

This is accomplished, conveniently enough, by placing the keyword GLOBAL in front of the variable that should be recognized as global.

Placing this keyword in front of an already existing variable tells PHP to use the variable having that name. Consider an example:

$somevar = 15;

function addit() {

GLOBAL $somevar;


print "Somevar is $somevar";



The displayed value of $somevar would be 16. However, if you were to omit this

GLOBAL $somevar;

An alternative method for declaring a variable to be global is to use PHP's $GLOBALS
array. Reconsidering the above example, I use this array to declare the variable
$somevar to be global:

$somevar = 15;

function addit() {



print "Somevar is $somevar";

12:09 AM

Function Parameters

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still about variable this time online business to explain about Function Parameters.

As is the case with many other programming languages, in PHP any function that accepts arguments must declare these arguments in the function header.

Although these arguments accept values that come from outside of the function, they are no longer accessible once the function has exited. Function parameters are declared after the function name and inside parentheses.They are declared much like a typical variable would be:

// multiply a value by 10 and return it to the caller
function x10 ($value) {

$value = $value * 10;

return $value;


It is important to realize that although you can access and manipulate any function
parameter in the function in which it is declared, it is destroyed when the function
execution ends.

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this time online business , expain about variable . Scope can be defined as the range of availability a variable has to the program in
which it is declared. PHP variables can be one of four scope types:

· Local variables
· Function parameters
· Global variables
· Static variables

Local Variables

A variable declared in a function is considered local; that is, it can be referenced
solely in that function.Consider this listing:

$x = 4;
function assignx () {
$x = 0;
print "\$x inside function is $x.


print "\$x outside of function is $x.

Execution of the above listing results in:

$x inside function is 0.
$x outside of function is 4.

As you can see, two different values for $x are output. This is because the $x located
inside the assignx function is local in nature. Modification of its value has no bearing
on any values located outside of the function. On the same note, modification of the
$x located outside of the function has no bearing on any variables contained in

8:52 PM

Variables and Data Types

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Data types form the backbone of any programming language, providing the
programmer with a means by which to represent various types of information. PHP
provides support for six general data types:

· Integers

example : 4, 456, 468

· Floating-point numbers

example :12.45, 5.9736e24

· Strings

example : dino, abc, &%/$£

· Arrays

example : $meat[0] = "chicken";

· Objects

example : $blender = new appliance;

· Booleans

example : $flag = TRUE;

Variable Declaration

A variable is a named memory location that contains data that may be manipulated
throughout the execution of the program.
A variable always begins with a dollar sign, $. The following are all valid variables:


$sentence = "This is a sentence."; // $sentence evaluates to string.
$price = 42.99; // $price evaluates to a floating-point
$weight = 185; // $weight evaluates to an integer.

next article explain about variable very deep. we learn slowly but definite.

8:14 PM

getting php source

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this time online business to give information if don't know where download php
you can download php in for the most recently
updated mirror list. From here, you can download PHP in one of two formats:

· WIN32 Binary
· Source code

The Win32 binary is for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 users and for server using apache
you can download in

end the if you done to installation don't forget to configure httpd.conf file
in server apache this article will not explain configure , you can she help about configure
in and configure to php.ini file in php.

online busniss to consider you done configure , and you try this code :


9:21 PM

introduction to PHP

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we learn php now, next time online business to comment about server to useing, nowthays
we concentration to PHP. PHP abbreviation from Personal Home Page to Hypertext Preprocessor,
PHP is best summarized as an embedded server-side Web-scripting language that
provides developers with the capability to quickly and efficiently build dynamic Web.

For writing applications that extend beyond the traditional, static methodology of
Web page development (that is, HTML), PHP can also serve as a valuable tool for
creating and managing dynamic content, embedded directly beside the likes of
JavaScript, Stylesheets, WML (Wireless Markup Language) and many other useful
languages. Providing hundreds of predefined functions, With PHP, we can simply do the

<title><? print "Hello world!"; ?></title>

And Hello world! will be displayed in the Web page title bar. Interestingly, the single
line print statement is enclosed in what are commonly known as PHP's escape
characters () is a complete program.

6:09 AM

Beyond HTML

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ok so far we already to speak about strategy , firstly to get start online business or freelance. before you can learn php programming but you must know html first.

This article not be full to tell about HTML just introduction. Ok what you think about this code :

you can write in notped and then save using .html example for name file testing.html. what happen if that code see at IE or Mozilla like this ( am using Mozilla ) :

you can now learn write html code, don’t worry if you not rely on you can using tool like dreamweaver about html automatic appear. Next article you learn php programming.

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