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introduction to PHP

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we learn php now, next time online business to comment about server to useing, nowthays
we concentration to PHP. PHP abbreviation from Personal Home Page to Hypertext Preprocessor,
PHP is best summarized as an embedded server-side Web-scripting language that
provides developers with the capability to quickly and efficiently build dynamic Web.

For writing applications that extend beyond the traditional, static methodology of
Web page development (that is, HTML), PHP can also serve as a valuable tool for
creating and managing dynamic content, embedded directly beside the likes of
JavaScript, Stylesheets, WML (Wireless Markup Language) and many other useful
languages. Providing hundreds of predefined functions, With PHP, we can simply do the

<title><? print "Hello world!"; ?></title>

And Hello world! will be displayed in the Web page title bar. Interestingly, the single
line print statement is enclosed in what are commonly known as PHP's escape
characters () is a complete program.


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