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Earn money with just a review site / blog

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pay per review is where the blogger to earn money, just write an easy way to get money. Money obtained sizeable big enough depending on the sites we review.
But there are special requirements for review by each cite, as well as the requirements
we can follow for this review is as follow:

  1. Must have a minimum PageRank one is the best start in at least three
  2. Alexa must have under 500 thousand.
  3. A condition that the popularity of our blog.
Indeed, the above is not much, but heavy for a blog that is still low. But do not upset you must first have other ways to earn money with the review also. This site does not need to review our blog for money but are quite small.

on you try, you are reading this information here I do not use the link in my to your list.

safe hunting.

5:19 AM

a freelance online

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I have described in very early in this blog, that to earn money online is to be able to have. But what if we do not have the ability let alone as a programmer.

Problem is you do not need to worry that there is still a place for non-programmers to
give workers an online, one of the examples is the author, this profession
does not require special skills that are important like your writing, can use the tool
to write is enough.

there is one website that provides online employment, it is not just a web that provides a lot of work online, but this time I will discuss only one of them is the name website, there are so many workers who are provided by the web but most of the work is a development system software such as web-based software both dos and windows, and even development in the field of electronics.

I have polecat on earlier work about the author, on the web that also do not need to have your little heart for it. But the policy website, often change therefore you must often pay policies.

I hope you hope to earn money online, is reached.

4:54 AM

about PTC

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Paid to click (PTC) is a business program on the internet which are quite easy, because with just clicking ads provided by PTC site we get paid.

From which website can we pay?
With the number of visitors that many, then the advertiser / advertisers will install on your site with a number of PTC charge. Nah charge that will be distributed to you in accordance with the number of clicks that you do.

How do I get paid?
May look very small the first time you join the PTC, the PTC member is usually only paid $ 0.01/klik that you do every day and average 10 ads they provide for you to click in other words you will get a $ 0.1/day.

earning $ 0.1 / day that you can be if you took "PTC ONE"! so should join others in the PTC website. This depends on your spare time, but I suggest you join at least 5 PTC website.
You take the time to PTC / day

I own at this time every day taking the time to PTC "less than 30 minutes (depending on the speed of Internet connection). PTC is usually in the process you are provided some of the ads and then you click, once clicked you should wait 30 seconds, there is utilized the time to click on ads on other PTC.

How to Receive Payments
Website PTC pay with alertpay, paypal, check or bank transfer directly to you. So you do not need to worry if you do not have alertpay / paypal, you can still receive a check or bank transfer directly to you.

to earn money online easily, use this system, PTC does not need to have a web / blog. We seek only to live PTC website in google search.

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Social Networking

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Social Network is a social structure that consists of elements of the individual or organization.
This shows the road network where they are related because of the same charity, from those known up to a day-to-day with the family.

Social networking is a social structure that was formed from the knot-knot (which are generally individuals or organizations) tied to one or more specific types of relations, such as values, visions, ideas, friends, children, etc.. Many service-based social networking website that provides a diverse set of ways for users to be able to interact such as chat, messaging, email, video, voice chat, share files, blogs, discussion groups, and others. General social networking services to make himself Bios.

User can upload the photos themselves and can become friends with other users. Some social networks have additional features such as creating groups for mutual sharing can be.
Social networking is a network in a network where there are a variety of users involved and the network also provides access for its users to create a community in this virtual world.


  • Can be enabled as the media spread such information, seminars, talkshows, or that are personal, such as wedding invitations. Even pairs of social or search ads business opportunities via Facebook was also there.
  • With have a profile on FB or FS that means you have started to build a virtual home on the web where you can entertain or invite your friends to visit and see a collection in your home, from the photos, to the poems and diary you.
  • Your virtual friend and you can share information beneficial to the life of each.
  • We can have fun and interact with people from all over the world. With the rapid development of the internet world, the facilities and infrastructure to be able to have fun and interact in online social networking is more and more options.

I do not cover losses caused social networking this, we benefit only. What is the benefit if we have a website / blog that is made to get the money then use social networking to your campaigns to web / blog we can visit us by friends and by people who use social networking.

as in facebook we can serve the ad with a particular charge, that we can use for promotion.
try this technique, to promote a web / blog as your place of business

5:20 AM

place to expand our popular blog

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Viral link exchange media is the link function to connect the links of websites that have been registered. Link will be installed throughout the website at random and without human intervention so that it automatically links all have the same opportunity to appear in the link list.

Viral link to provide free services, link your website or blog can be inserted in another website without the cost of a continental, that you do is register your website and the link list.

You can also link you to monitor the development of the runtime, such as: Number of hits, the number of links appear in the List, the number of visitor and the average time for both days is also 1 to 2 days before.

You can also link you to monitor the development of the runtime, such as: Number of hits, the number of links appear in the List, the number of visitor and the average time for both days is also 1 to 2 days before.

All linker will show your website link. The more the linker:

1. Will expand and multiply the number of links to your website

2. Will provide opportunities to increase Traffic to your Website

3. Will reduce the cost of the campaign.

differences in viral and BlogUPP

According to me, is a media campaign Blogupp blog which is very simple and not making, in the viral link if we have to register the case with other Blogupp here you do not need to register in order to promote your blog you need to do is submit your blog url and then install the Widget

5:07 AM

Benefits of Using Autoresponder

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some benefits that you can earn with the Autoresponder to your site or blog:

1. Collect Email and Name Visitors

This is important, almost never visit the site / blog you directly purchase products on your site the first time they visit. So, whether you sell products through the affiliate site / your blog, or sell your own products, so try to ANY person who came to give an email address and name them. Next you stay 5-7 up email to be included in your Autoresponder.

2. Helping Your Business Automation

When you are 5-7 up email "Follow Up" to provide free tips and remind your prospects will benefit the product you are selling, then you do 1 time only and to include them in your Autoresponder.

Next, every time there is to give their name and email in the site / your blog, then the Autoresponderlah that will send all the mail automatically, according to the interval that you set the day before. You.

3. Create Personalized

You can enter the name of each visitor in the email you send using the Autoresponder. So, even if you send an email to tens of thousands of people at once, each email will automatically include the name of each person. Thus, each person will receive an email you thought you write and send email "special" to them.

Of course this will add a "close" you with them, so that eventually some of them eventually "attracted" and decided to buy the products you recommend - and you get your money!

4. Unlimited Number of List

If you use the Autoresponder service Aweber, you can create a List with the number of NOT LIMITED. This means that if you build your 100 blog / site, for example, then you just pay the cost of $ 19 per month only, need not cost extra. List some of this picture that I have with using Aweber ...

as that is the advantage that we once autoresponder working profit doubled. traffic and also get the most money are given priority. hope that helps.

One way that can be used to increase the number of visitors to traffic blog is to use our traffic exchange, main principles of mutual traffic exchange is the web / blog that has been on site to submit a traffic exchange and as a reward registered users will get points that can be exchanged with a note for money (dollars) or banner ad space.

Trafficnowfire is one of the traffic exchange that we can use to increase traffic to our blog, in addition to getting a blog traffic trafficnowfire we can also use our facilities as a dollar that is hunting with the exchange points that we have with the dollar.

How to collect the points by clicking the link, vote, submit a link or links. Links bold have any points higher on average in the link I have trafficnowfire its timer so we do not need to wait too long, so we can open to directly close a cut time.

But other traffic exchange, such as:

I just try to use it all

4:51 AM

How to Increase Traffic Blog / Website

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Learn seo and learning to bring it to the blog traffic need perseverance, this may be, many questions: how ya How To Increase Traffic Blog / website, if you are a blogger or a website owner, you definitely want more traffic to a blog or your website is.

You may often seek out information on the internet about how I Increase Traffic To Your Blog / Website you. On this paper I will be explaining the 75 How To Improve the Traffic blog / your website. List is different from the others because the simple, original and unique ideas. If you want to search for people to see the website / blog you are, you're reading the right article.

to earn money online, give me some tips that have many traffic as follows:

  1. Write contain more. If you want traffic, you must write contain. People do not will charcoal-site you visit if you do not contain the good writing, interesting & quality, and new visitors will not return to your blog. So keep posting the interesting writing.
  2. Post on another blog. Offer any posts to other people to own the blog post. Even better if any posts have been ready in the post. Leave a blogger is that you have the text ready for the post on the blog, if they agree. When you write articles to post on the blog in other people, look at the blog post that you make a good link to post it. You get a link on their blog & get traffic from here.
  3. Design & layout is good. If your site design disorganized, difficult to navigate, or the color does not match the vision (glare), also full atao error, visitors certainly will not endure for long in your blog.

6:10 AM

Why Must Learn SEO?

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Learning SEO means the ability to grind can be a crony of Search Engines. If you are a beginner or newbie in blogging, or may be long in the world of blogging, but never thinking about SEO let alone learn SEO, it is not one to read a little about the basic understanding of SEO which I think is also important for you to know.

What is SEO?
Is the abbreviation of Search Engines Optimization, which is basically optimizing your site and blog that are friends with the Search Engines. If the Search Engines consider your blog's great and good the Search Engines will appreciation to your blog with a place on the high ranking when there are visitors who search through keywords.

What I Need and Must Learn SEO?
no .. you do not actually need to learn SEO especially if you do not want visitors to read your article. But otherwise if you want visitors, you need to learn SEO. If you are not concerned with SEO and your blog was terindex well, congratulations you are in luck.

From which to learn SEO?
There are many reference sources and scattered on the internet and books to study offline SEO SEO services and also to put the blog site and you have a good ranking in Search Engines. However, here are a few steps that can help you that you should think first before writing the article:

  • Are there some people who write the keyword in the Search Engines that will be used as the title of my article?
  • If there is, whether a visitor will stay, if I read the article, or even go?

Can I write for SEO?
There are some simple first steps to optimize your article and I actually very sophisticated, advanced, but if you follow these tips and use this basis, then you will be on the right track for the Search Engines are also friends and visitors:

  • Decide what you will write. Now go to the Search Engines and write the theme and find articles that already exist.
  • What do you write Searched perhaps the keyword for your article.
  • Make a little research using the keywords tool.
  • Now it's time to help write and shoot keywords, write keywords in the title of your article and in the first paragraph.
  • Repeat as needed and add keywords in the name of your image alt tags & + h1, H2, h3
  • As I study in the previous article, do not forget to blogspot ( to change the view post title (title of the article) so SEO friendly.
There are many more ways to optimize your article, but I think that it is on the basis that you can learn and do. Please try and see if the practice effect on your SERP article ... Let's learn SEO

6:00 AM

10 Reasons To Start a Home Business Online

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Business online at this time growing rapidly. You can find various products in the virtual world, from the product home to hundreds of products millions. What is actually encouraging people to do? Here you will find the reasons why people start a business online.

  1. You can spend more time each day with your family or doing your hobby. By doing business online you need not go to the home office, and you shall be better also because of the pollution involved.
  2. You can work part time in building this business online
  3. It is perfectly possible to start online business with a very small cost. The provider of the web now offers many inexpensive programs, some even free, such as, and so forth.
  4. You can choose your own working time. If you have any activities that must be maintained in the morning, you can work online in the afternoon.
  5. if you work hard you can get the benefit directly, how many hours you spent online business will increase your profits.
  6. Some of the online business can be treated automatically, use the equipment available. Email can be automatically sent via autoresponder facilities, etc.
  7. Website work 24 hours per day without complain. Although the website at your leisure online business you will be working to earn money online.
  8. Online business you can reach as far as you want. Business you can offer something to your local community, and can even sell to consumers anywhere in the hemisphere. This does not require additional cost, even if you send an email to Australia, sell or buy with someone in Europe.
  9. Starting a business online means that you want to continuously develop the market of people who come online each day.
  10. You do not need to have something special every day. You can work with your pajamas, or whatever. No one will forbid you not to wear shirt and tie. office, and you shall be better also because of the pollution involved.

This is the reason I try to succeed on the internet, so I get additional revenue in addition to working in the office and work is not only my weight we must continue and I continue to do so in order to earn money online.

5:51 AM

Selecting Tips Affiliate Marketing Program

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Success in affiliate marketing depends on the type of affiliate marketing that you follow. To become a top marketer, you certainly need to participate / join in an affiliate program which offers various products that have quality. Specifically for the online business including beginners like me, following a few tips how to choose affiliate marketing program that both before joining :

  1. Program affiliate associated with the various experts and a niche usually are in some level and in accordance with standard quality. In this case you must know that the products produced have a real benefit and good.
  2. Program of catering to a growing target market, meaning is a product of the program are much needed and sought market share at the time now. And this helps to ensure and facilitate referral explore as much as possible.
  3. Program who have manejemen good, many affiliate programs that provide fee / profit of up to 30%. Look for the near or even more, do not waste time only megikuti program2 substantially and that does not match the wages of our work. ?
  4. Target sales, need to know a lot of affiliate companies that provide the requirements that must be fulfilled to get the commission if a given target met. Make sure you are ready and able to reach their target requirements.
  5. search information as much as possible about the company's affiliate, jgn to you that only the misguided program2 dummys. Ask for recommendations to those who have been followed, the expert marketer. Join in the forums affiliate follow the discussion and do not forget to ask questions about the affiliate marketing program that you follow ..! whether there has been a success before, whether the resulting product has been helpful to members, and others.

5:14 AM

kinds Affiliate program

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to earn money online, we must choose the appropriate Affiliate program for us. Remind me again that we must have a good article to get the money in a nutshell.

what a Affiliate program that we need, ok, I will explain one by one after that you select in accordance with their needs.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Affilate PPC marketing is the most popular at this time, how to work this program where every person who visits the web / blog, and you click the ad provided by this program you will be able to cash, either text or banner ads.

Why do I say that this need affilate marketing article or content is good, because they related to one another. For example, if your content about football then the ads will be displayed by this program is the ad about football.

Pay Per Performance - PPP

PPP affiliate marketing is an online program that is on the traders and also the type of the first to affiliate. In this type of affiliate programs, merchants only pay affiliates a referral when it translates into an action that every time a visitor that he actually called to buy something from the merchant's site or when a visitor to become leaders.

Pay Per Sale (PPS)

the form of PPS program is in a pay-per-sale type of affiliate marketing, the merchants pay the affiliate a certain fee whenever the visitor he referred to the merchant site actually buys something from the site merchant.

Afiliasi often imposed on a commission basis, although other merchants would opt to pay the fixed cost. But no matter what the cost basis is, in general, higher than the cost to be paid in the pay per click affiliate program afilias

Pay Per Lead (PPL)

pay-per-lead type of affiliate marketing is a bit of variation from the PPS type and is often used by insurance companies and financial and other companies that rely on reference for the company to grow.

In this type of affiliate marketing, the affiliate is paid whenever a visitor is directed to the merchant site filling up an application form or similar form related to the company's business. Compensation for this type of affiliate marketing is based on the fixed costs of the estimated price that costs remain in the PPS type.

that some of my quiet type of affiliate marketing program, to get money for free online use one program or the program may suit several needs. And if each program allows.

congratulations to try .....

9:42 PM

Affiliate marketing for newbie

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in general, to earn money online, using a marketing programs. where the program is currently most often used.

an affiliate marketing course, for us this is a newbie on foreign affiliate marketing. may have in mind that we now what is affiliate marketing, how do they work? what is affiliate marketing?.
is an affiliate marketing program or a tool to make money online. affiliate marketing is the place to promote a product or service for companies both large or small.

how do we get money with affiliate marketing is, of course with promoting their products or services by us. therefore we must have a web / blog as a means to promote it.

so the problem is traffic, although promoting a good product and we get a big commission, but the web / blog traffic we have a few that very difficult. what the cause of traffic is the answer to their own content.

content here is very important role in the campaign, why because the content is a source of information that the person sought, any topic in your web / blog. in other words it does not have content, and no commission traffic, no traffic will not be able to earn money.

that's the law if we want to make money online.

next we will study more about affiliate marketing in the ...

5:41 AM

Tips to get top ranking

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at the time this article, we study how to get ranked in the top of this blog does not rank in the top, but up-and-there. And also I try to be bloger the best, this blog also as a place to study me.
honest I'm designing a web / blog will be paying to use the domain to be more steady. ok we direct my research in order to get the goals we have with money online.

  1. To get top ranking in search engines, we must first examine PageRank our competitors.
  2. Check if the PageRank web / blog that we have, web / blogs that have only PageRank 2 / 10 akan Remove our easy if we have a PageRank 5 or 6.
  3. Check tags <h1> in the web / blog our competitors, whether it uses the keyword there.
  4. Check whether the image in any web / blog our competitors tag <alt>.
  5. Check keywords that have content on the web / blog our competitors.

if we want to get top ranking using the above step. I mean
add keyword tags in <h1>, add tags <alt> in every image that we used, add the keyword in each of our content.

hope that helps

5:36 AM

Take action to get money

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start from the beginning until the last article yesterday, we have been discussing about how to start to earn money online or can be called a business online.

in the preceding article we have discussed about how to create a learning web, php programming, determine the topic and then determine whether the niche competitors and gain a little. all that is the beginning of an online business and the last is to get money from the business.

ago what is the problem so if we already know how earn money online, we do not need to discuss what makes key to earn money online. although we have a lock on how to get money but we do not run it so useless key that we get correct answer is "take action".

have a bloger requested to help someone to be able to successfully get money online, even the person giving the amount of money that is big enough. what bloger be answered by the answer you pay me useless with large numbers but no action
of your own.

This is a story I read from the original one bloger, so is the conclusion we must take action if the direction we want to achieve.

hopefully help to encourage

6:40 PM

tips competitors get low

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in some of the articles I read, to get the maximum results. we must determine the niche that is very high, that the higher the more the competition.

in the previous article I have discussed about the how to find a good niche. This time I find that the competition is low, why the competitor low as we can to maximize what our niche. okay let's study one by one.

What we search in google there are a number of searches you can examine your niche to the amount of results by searching google.

the theme is we make money free online, so I suggested that the number of small but too small as 50,000 early example of both. if we are many niche competitors our new keyword search which is still related to the niche is the niche we say about the gadgets, please try your search in google how many gadgets words produced, the large amount of search that is approximately the same as the 100,000 or 100,000 is the maximum.

hope that helps .....

6:08 AM

find a hot niche market

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if you wish make money free online you have good niche, in my that pass article
to said if you wish make traffic you must have good niche. do you know like what
that hot niche ? hmm.... hard thinking . expensive niche bro hmm... repeat article ?

sorry just recall . but how that niche choosy good for get money free oline. one that
think in your brain simple and easy. you mush to be google friend hmm... bad article

if this article you think bad or any thing you call. what google can help ? the answer
is yes you go to "" this google free
tool to show how many idea for your niche.

choosy your niche in there and you go to google traffic estimator you can search in google
like "google traffic estimator" in this tool can you now how many to search per day
your niche.

usual good niche or hot niche can have many compete . but if you very know or like that
niche don't worry you will be success.

6:25 AM

get traffic for you site/blog

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many method to get traffic, in hire we said some tips or trick how site/blog can be have large traffic ok my don't long said how tips ,trick site/blog can be have traffic to be make money free online

1. content

keep adding fresh content you do it every day 1 content per day, why search engine like google, yahoo like fresh content. you can search free content in google but you must write who that writer content. i think is the best original content. the best affiliate to say add a minimum of 1 article per week it's ok but 1 article per day our every six hours well, that's the best.

2. submit to main directories

many more high quality links you have to your site, will be good why because more impressed
the search engines will be. start with major directories like

many more you can search in google but you sure to read the submission rules carefully at
each site. slow you down but it increases you chance

3. seo

create unique accurate page titles

in other that your to make money free online. article tag tells both users and search engine what the topic of a particular page is. the title should be placed within the head tag of the document.

description meta tag

description meta tag gives google and other search engines a summary of what the page is about.

this a little tip traffic but have power full if used , and don't forget if your have update site/blog send sitemap to google for more traffic.

6:07 AM

Making Money Affiliate Program

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With our high paying affiliate program you can make money linking to our site perfect for making extra money or starting your own home based business. Make money with our web hosting affiliate program - lypha web hosting affiliate program making money it's free to join the affiliate programs directory helps you find the best associate programs also known as referral, partner, revenue sharing. Affiliate program - make money online - home based business affiliate programs & internet scams a guide to affiliate programs and internet scams scam or not want to know if something is a scam. Affiliate programs money making ideas - suzanne franco affordable multi-domain and web hosting reseller experts host unlimited domains. Making money from affiliate programs make money online - affiliate marketing, best affiliate programs, learn internet marketing, seo, web design resources, how to make money online, affiliate tips increase sales.

Affiliate money making programs under interrogation making money from affiliate programs affiliate programs : golden opportunity or waste of time now that the idea of doing business over the internet has been firmly established. Affiliate program making money it affiliate program start earning cash today with sales from it's the easiest money you'll ever make our affiliate program is a. How to make money with ebay's affiliate program would you like to actually start making money with your blog get my blogging for bucks bootcamp for free ($297 value) in the past i had been posting the profits i ve. Making money affiliate program christian dating affiliate program make money by becoming an affiliate of our christian singles dating affiliate program.

5:18 AM

building site made for you

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make money free online firsly searching your topic , if you have several topic you can building site or blog, many expensive topic . ok i can say like what expensive topic ? hmmm..... confused

we can in real word, what that expensive in real word ? you can think house, diamon, car, job, etc

ok we go back in internet , the house have in for sale, and in books about house, megazine etc, and see how price house for sale.

if have price you can use for topic, and then how site made for you, where you dominate in the topic. why i said like this because if not dominate will hard build article for your site. and hard to
to make money free online.

for idea to searching your topic

  • Loan
  • Cancer
  • Home equity
  • Mortgages
  • Lawyer
  • Attorney
  • Credit card
  • Insurance
  • Hair removal
  • Domain
  • Jewelry
  • Electronic

5:25 AM

Web site design

Posted by Business

Domain and Hosting

Ok we cut learn about php pogramming , now we study about web site design why we must to now how to build web site design, because if you wish get money in internet or said online or said make money free online minimum you must have site or blog, firstly you must to now domain , hosting and every all about Designing.

what's Domain
Domain it is name that as address for your site, this name is key to your site for example

this key if you write in browser and than browser will show your site.

and then what's hosting. well hosting it's some place saved data-data for site need, for example

  1. aplication/script
  2. image
  3. database
  4. email
  5. content

12:16 AM

while and for structure

Posted by Business

online business said this structure can help us write code to be simple,
The while structure provides a way to repetitively loop through a statement block.
The number of times the statement block is executed depends on the total times the
expression evaluates to true. The general form of the while loop is:

while (expression) :
statement block

Let's consider an example of the computation of n-factorial (n!), where n = 5:

$n = 5;
$ncopy = $n;
$factorial = 1; // set initial factorial value
while ($n > 0) :
$factorial = $n * $factorial;
$n-; // decrement $n by 1

print "The factorial of $ncopy is $factorial.";

how about for structure, online business said The for loop is simply an alternative means
for specifying the duration of iterative loops.

It differs from the while loop only in the fact that the iterative value is updated
in the statement itself instead of from somewhere in the statement block. As is the
case with the while loop, the looping will continue as long as the condition being
evaluated holds true. The general form of the for construct is:

for (initialization; condition; increment) {
statement block

This example illustrates the basic usage of the for loop:

for ($i = 10; $i <= 100; $i+=10) :
print "\$i = $i
"; // escaping backslash to suppress
// conversion of $i variable.
which results in:

$i = 10
$i = 20
$i = 30
$i = 40
$i = 50
$i = 60
$i = 70
$i = 80
$i = 90
$i = 100

11:35 PM

Control Structures

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online business to back again ok we explain abaout Control structures
Control structures provide programmers with the tools to build complex programs
capable of evaluating and reacting to the changing values of various inputs
throughout the execution of a program. In summary, these structures control the
execution of a program.

True/False Evaluation

Control structures generally evaluate expressions in terms of true and false. A
particular action will occur based on the outcome of this evaluation. Consider the
comparative expression $a = $b. This expression will evaluate to true if $a in fact is
equal to $b, and false otherwise. More specifically, the expression will evaluate to
the value 1 if it is true, and 0 if it is false. Consider the following:

you see this code

if (expression)
statement block

if (expression)
statement block
else {
statement block

if we to see example $a = $b like :

if($a == $b)
do something hire

next time online business to explain about looping.

11:39 PM

Static Variables

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The final type of variable scoping that I discuss is known as static. In contrast to the variables declared as function parameters, which are destroyed on the function's exit, a static variable will not lose its value when the function exits and will still hold that value should the function be called again.

You can declare a variable to be static simply by placing the keyword STATIC in front of the variable name. STATIC $somevar;

Consider an example:

function keep_track() {

STATIC $count = 0;


print $count;

print "


What would you expect the outcome of this script to be? If the variable $count were not designated to be static (thus making $count a local variable), the outcome would be:


However, since $count is static, it will retain its previous value each time the function is executed. Therefore, the outcome will be:


12:05 AM

Global Variables

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this time online business to explain about global variable, what is global variable let's
we see. a global variable can be accessed in any part of the program. However, in order to be modified, a global variable must be explicitly declared to be global in the function in which it is to be modified.

This is accomplished, conveniently enough, by placing the keyword GLOBAL in front of the variable that should be recognized as global.

Placing this keyword in front of an already existing variable tells PHP to use the variable having that name. Consider an example:

$somevar = 15;

function addit() {

GLOBAL $somevar;


print "Somevar is $somevar";



The displayed value of $somevar would be 16. However, if you were to omit this

GLOBAL $somevar;

An alternative method for declaring a variable to be global is to use PHP's $GLOBALS
array. Reconsidering the above example, I use this array to declare the variable
$somevar to be global:

$somevar = 15;

function addit() {



print "Somevar is $somevar";

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Function Parameters

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still about variable this time online business to explain about Function Parameters.

As is the case with many other programming languages, in PHP any function that accepts arguments must declare these arguments in the function header.

Although these arguments accept values that come from outside of the function, they are no longer accessible once the function has exited. Function parameters are declared after the function name and inside parentheses.They are declared much like a typical variable would be:

// multiply a value by 10 and return it to the caller
function x10 ($value) {

$value = $value * 10;

return $value;


It is important to realize that although you can access and manipulate any function
parameter in the function in which it is declared, it is destroyed when the function
execution ends.

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this time online business , expain about variable . Scope can be defined as the range of availability a variable has to the program in
which it is declared. PHP variables can be one of four scope types:

· Local variables
· Function parameters
· Global variables
· Static variables

Local Variables

A variable declared in a function is considered local; that is, it can be referenced
solely in that function.Consider this listing:

$x = 4;
function assignx () {
$x = 0;
print "\$x inside function is $x.


print "\$x outside of function is $x.

Execution of the above listing results in:

$x inside function is 0.
$x outside of function is 4.

As you can see, two different values for $x are output. This is because the $x located
inside the assignx function is local in nature. Modification of its value has no bearing
on any values located outside of the function. On the same note, modification of the
$x located outside of the function has no bearing on any variables contained in

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Variables and Data Types

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Data types form the backbone of any programming language, providing the
programmer with a means by which to represent various types of information. PHP
provides support for six general data types:

· Integers

example : 4, 456, 468

· Floating-point numbers

example :12.45, 5.9736e24

· Strings

example : dino, abc, &%/$£

· Arrays

example : $meat[0] = "chicken";

· Objects

example : $blender = new appliance;

· Booleans

example : $flag = TRUE;

Variable Declaration

A variable is a named memory location that contains data that may be manipulated
throughout the execution of the program.
A variable always begins with a dollar sign, $. The following are all valid variables:


$sentence = "This is a sentence."; // $sentence evaluates to string.
$price = 42.99; // $price evaluates to a floating-point
$weight = 185; // $weight evaluates to an integer.

next article explain about variable very deep. we learn slowly but definite.

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getting php source

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this time online business to give information if don't know where download php
you can download php in for the most recently
updated mirror list. From here, you can download PHP in one of two formats:

· WIN32 Binary
· Source code

The Win32 binary is for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 users and for server using apache
you can download in

end the if you done to installation don't forget to configure httpd.conf file
in server apache this article will not explain configure , you can she help about configure
in and configure to php.ini file in php.

online busniss to consider you done configure , and you try this code :


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introduction to PHP

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we learn php now, next time online business to comment about server to useing, nowthays
we concentration to PHP. PHP abbreviation from Personal Home Page to Hypertext Preprocessor,
PHP is best summarized as an embedded server-side Web-scripting language that
provides developers with the capability to quickly and efficiently build dynamic Web.

For writing applications that extend beyond the traditional, static methodology of
Web page development (that is, HTML), PHP can also serve as a valuable tool for
creating and managing dynamic content, embedded directly beside the likes of
JavaScript, Stylesheets, WML (Wireless Markup Language) and many other useful
languages. Providing hundreds of predefined functions, With PHP, we can simply do the

<title><? print "Hello world!"; ?></title>

And Hello world! will be displayed in the Web page title bar. Interestingly, the single
line print statement is enclosed in what are commonly known as PHP's escape
characters () is a complete program.

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Beyond HTML

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ok so far we already to speak about strategy , firstly to get start online business or freelance. before you can learn php programming but you must know html first.

This article not be full to tell about HTML just introduction. Ok what you think about this code :

you can write in notped and then save using .html example for name file testing.html. what happen if that code see at IE or Mozilla like this ( am using Mozilla ) :

you can now learn write html code, don’t worry if you not rely on you can using tool like dreamweaver about html automatic appear. Next article you learn php programming.

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Php Programming

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Php Programming

A wikibook about programming in php also provides external links for more information. Php programming tips with the web and business web sites accessible by everyone (including malicious hackers) the security of your web application is at the top of the list of security issues on. Php programming learn about how to improve your php programming for free using php programming software, can someone give me codes for protecting a single site. Php programming services web services architecture neutral an offshore php website development company india offers php programming india php development india php programmers india php developers india hire php programmers php web site. Php programming php programming - php programmers - web database php is extremely simple and have advanced features php has excellent text processing features, from the posix extended or perl regular expressions to parsing xml documents.

Php programming guide php programming - training course link on individual courses for more details and further dates we can also run a private tailored course at our centre or a private course at. Php programming mysql programming - php programmers - web at the root of a successful ecommerce web site design is a searchable mysql database powered by php unless you only sell a few items that never change, you can expect your. Programming php php books programming books store by programming php - general - php books - all kind of programming books - php books, ajax books, books, python books, cms books. Php programming solutions - vikram vaswani time to upgrade to php version 5 2 8 as php 5 2 7 is a security liability: due to a security bug found in the php 5 2 7 release, it has been removed from distribution.

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Web Developer

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Web Developer

Break free save time and hassle with web developer toolbar. Web developer - download company logo design digital illustration content creation discount testimonials developer blog a unique web development company that offers affordable, top quality services with the. Web developer :: firefox add-ons firefox add-ons add-ons extend firefox, letting you personalize your browsing experience take a look around and make firefox your own. Web developer welcome to the unl web developer network the wdn is the group of unl web developers tasked with creating templates and standards for the unl website. Mint creation - creative web solutions - welcome to the web web developer free download review, screenshots, testing and recommendations about web developer.

Web developer's journal - tips on web page design, html, graphics and find all web developer jobs web developer job search made simple at simplyhired, the largest search engine for jobs. Web developer resource center from sun microsystems the microsoft certified professional developer: web developer (mcpd: web developer) certification demonstrates that you have the comprehensive skills that are required to build. Mcpd: web developer this is your source for all the tools, technologies, hardware, service and support you need to develop and deploy next generation web applications find leading-edge technologies. Web developer jobs tips on web page design and development, html, graphics, scripting, favicon, development tools, java, sql basics, building web sites, and much more for developers.

One of the best features about this type of business is that it can be run from anywhere. You can work at home, an office, or even while you are on vacation. The next most attractive thing is you can set your own hours. You can even work a few hours, stop and finish later in the day.

A work at home online business can be started part time while you still work your regular job until your income grows to the level you need to support yourself and your family.

At this point you may ask can I earn enough money online to really quit my current job. The answer is that some online money making opportunities will not make that much money while others very well can replace or even surpass the salary that you are currently making. The trick is to find the program that is the right match for you and what you want to accomplish with your online business. The internet marketplace is huge considering that English is spoken in several other countries and if your product or service has a global appeal.

One thing to keep in mind however as you search for that perfect business out there is that there are many, many schemes that will promise you the world and just take your money. Other programs may be very legitimate, but won't be the right match for you. One size shoe doesn't fit everyone. The ultimate reward is when you come across that opportunity that does fit you and you can start making the kind of money that you expect.

Let's look at some forms your online business can take. First you must sell something a product, information, or service.

Products can be very good or very bad depending on the demand for them. They will tend to have higher startup cost because you will usually have to buy an inventory of some kind. You will also have to consider product liability issues also, especially if you make the product yourself.

Service base businesses can sometimes be very competitive online and you may have a very difficult time finding clients. Do a search on google sometime for ghostwriters and you will see what I mean.

Information product bases businesses have several advantages over the former types of businesses in that they do not require a large initial investment. You can start your business out with several good information products and build it slowly over time until your income reaches your desired level. Another good thing about information products is that they have appeal to a very large clientele because the subjects written about can be as varied as you like.

Please remember that no matter which type of business you choose or what company or companies you affiliate yourself with keep in mind that you must research them thoroughly so you do not waist your time or money.

I would like to leave you with one last thought. Keep trying even you fail the first few times. Learn from your failures. There is an awful lot of money out there to be made online for those of us who continue seeking it.

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Online Business Ideas by Kalidas

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A huge number of people interested in taking control over their careers have discovered the opportunities presented by plenty of online business ideas. Most of the online jobs gravitate around freelance writing, website design, affiliate promotions, sales and even surveys. Thus, some people earn their fortune from writing e-books, know-hows and e-guides they afterwards promote online, others develop a personal product or provide consultancy for a variety of problems and last but not least there are people for whom discussion forums moderation is one of the most profitable online business ideas.

The interest in online business ideas has got higher with the international financial crisis and the national economies in recession. With the bleak picture of thousands of jobs lost, it it goes without saying that people will focus on home-based opportunities that can save the entire family from the risk of working for corporations. Getting serious about the possible online business ideas you've felt tempted to try is the best advice that you can get. Some modifications have appeared on the Internet too with Google labeling lots of sites as spammy and discarding them.

In the light of this new policy put into practice by search engines, more recent sites lose in favor of older ones. Statistics actually point out that nine out of ten sites displayed on the first search engines pages are sites with older activities online. You can check the history of a web page by following the record domain data. Nevertheless, this doesn't mean that the creation of new sites is faulty or disadvantageous, we are simply ringing an alarm bell that things may be changing with online business ideas too.

While disadvantages come from some directions, the good news is that the cost for some services required for online business ideas are getting lower. If you plan to create a website that needs a domain registration and hosting; well, competition makes host service providers to drop fees drastically. Moreover, it has become obvious that blog owners are the ones who profit more from search engines due to the highly specialized rich content.

Discover genuine ways to start business online and make money. Lots of ideas to get started and one thing you should avoid.

Businesses want to deal with professional people. Its important for clients and businesses to see that when you present yourself. One of the very best ways to create a professional image starts with your web presence.

Therefore, it is recommended that you build a website or have it professionally built. But the first step will be brainstorming an internet business to make sure that your action plan is feasible and to ensure that you know how to brainstorm to success.

Include such elements as your logo, a tag line or brief description of what you do, or a bullet list of your main services or major product lines.

There are many businesses that you can start but most of them come down to three broad categories which are:

-- selling products or services to retail customers -- selling on eBay -- and business-to-business selling

So other than building a website - how do you go about creating an Internet business? Starting a business is not an overnight event. Ideas are born, but like a young child, they need nurturing and patience to develop those ideas into something powerful.

Brainstorming involves innovation. But innovation isn't just about creating business value by spending money on the hottest technology. Innovation means expanding the scope and range of your business by utilizing new products--whether you create them, pay someone else to do it, or find ones from other vendors that you can sell or promote.

It's about creating an internet business from new communication channels, new markets, new campaigns and new strategies. If you are just starting out online the best way to go about brainstorming an internet business to success is to start with research on the type of business that you have in mind.

Assess your skills, talents and maybe even your hobbies to come up with a viable business that will fit your personality and desires. Once you come up with your business concept you can employ the following methods:

When building your website employ content marketing which is essentially doing great things with content but with a goal that this work leads back to a sale on top of being useful and interesting. Keep in mind that internet traffic is key for getting your site noticed and to make that eventual sale.

Create success with your titles and be able to draw the audience to your talk even before you say a word. This is how to go about creating an internet business that is successful. Put up a blog that matches your website. Blogs are a wonderful piece of software to use as a home base for several kinds of website projects.

Blogs are a great way to establish thought leadership, and further to encourage lead generation. So make your blog a lead capture page with RSS as well. Blogging allows you to create positive experiences with your customers.

Blogs build a sense of conversation in that you do get to open a dialog with your readers. Blogs allow you to plug products and services by using a conversational style. That is the hallmark of a good blog which allows you to share business products in a friendly way.

Blogs convey authority and will position you as an expert. Blogging, by definition promotes the continual addition of text to a site. They promote linkage as well which is one thing search engines love. Blogging is the next generation of network marketing for business. Blogs build your brand and a blog showcases your company and provides another opportunity to brand it in front of the customer.

Building a list of subscribers is critical to your long term success in using the internet to earn an income so don't overlook this in the beginning because it will come back to haunt you later. Build your list without becoming overwhelmed or burned-out. Building your online business must have solid foundations just like a house.

Provide a Knowledge-Base for your customers - your customers will be better informed, and this is good for the long-term health of your company. Network online with other small business owners.

Networking is essential to getting work done in a cooperative manner. Networking through blogging could be the key you have been searching for. If you apply these ideas and techniques and brainstorm an internet business you will be more than on your way to online success.