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How to Increase Traffic Blog / Website

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Learn seo and learning to bring it to the blog traffic need perseverance, this may be, many questions: how ya How To Increase Traffic Blog / website, if you are a blogger or a website owner, you definitely want more traffic to a blog or your website is.

You may often seek out information on the internet about how I Increase Traffic To Your Blog / Website you. On this paper I will be explaining the 75 How To Improve the Traffic blog / your website. List is different from the others because the simple, original and unique ideas. If you want to search for people to see the website / blog you are, you're reading the right article.

to earn money online, give me some tips that have many traffic as follows:

  1. Write contain more. If you want traffic, you must write contain. People do not will charcoal-site you visit if you do not contain the good writing, interesting & quality, and new visitors will not return to your blog. So keep posting the interesting writing.
  2. Post on another blog. Offer any posts to other people to own the blog post. Even better if any posts have been ready in the post. Leave a blogger is that you have the text ready for the post on the blog, if they agree. When you write articles to post on the blog in other people, look at the blog post that you make a good link to post it. You get a link on their blog & get traffic from here.
  3. Design & layout is good. If your site design disorganized, difficult to navigate, or the color does not match the vision (glare), also full atao error, visitors certainly will not endure for long in your blog.


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