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Why Must Learn SEO?

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Learning SEO means the ability to grind can be a crony of Search Engines. If you are a beginner or newbie in blogging, or may be long in the world of blogging, but never thinking about SEO let alone learn SEO, it is not one to read a little about the basic understanding of SEO which I think is also important for you to know.

What is SEO?
Is the abbreviation of Search Engines Optimization, which is basically optimizing your site and blog that are friends with the Search Engines. If the Search Engines consider your blog's great and good the Search Engines will appreciation to your blog with a place on the high ranking when there are visitors who search through keywords.

What I Need and Must Learn SEO?
no .. you do not actually need to learn SEO especially if you do not want visitors to read your article. But otherwise if you want visitors, you need to learn SEO. If you are not concerned with SEO and your blog was terindex well, congratulations you are in luck.

From which to learn SEO?
There are many reference sources and scattered on the internet and books to study offline SEO SEO services and also to put the blog site and you have a good ranking in Search Engines. However, here are a few steps that can help you that you should think first before writing the article:

  • Are there some people who write the keyword in the Search Engines that will be used as the title of my article?
  • If there is, whether a visitor will stay, if I read the article, or even go?

Can I write for SEO?
There are some simple first steps to optimize your article and I actually very sophisticated, advanced, but if you follow these tips and use this basis, then you will be on the right track for the Search Engines are also friends and visitors:

  • Decide what you will write. Now go to the Search Engines and write the theme and find articles that already exist.
  • What do you write Searched perhaps the keyword for your article.
  • Make a little research using the keywords tool.
  • Now it's time to help write and shoot keywords, write keywords in the title of your article and in the first paragraph.
  • Repeat as needed and add keywords in the name of your image alt tags & + h1, H2, h3
  • As I study in the previous article, do not forget to blogspot ( to change the view post title (title of the article) so SEO friendly.
There are many more ways to optimize your article, but I think that it is on the basis that you can learn and do. Please try and see if the practice effect on your SERP article ... Let's learn SEO


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