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Affiliate marketing for newbie

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in general, to earn money online, using a marketing programs. where the program is currently most often used.

an affiliate marketing course, for us this is a newbie on foreign affiliate marketing. may have in mind that we now what is affiliate marketing, how do they work? what is affiliate marketing?.
is an affiliate marketing program or a tool to make money online. affiliate marketing is the place to promote a product or service for companies both large or small.

how do we get money with affiliate marketing is, of course with promoting their products or services by us. therefore we must have a web / blog as a means to promote it.

so the problem is traffic, although promoting a good product and we get a big commission, but the web / blog traffic we have a few that very difficult. what the cause of traffic is the answer to their own content.

content here is very important role in the campaign, why because the content is a source of information that the person sought, any topic in your web / blog. in other words it does not have content, and no commission traffic, no traffic will not be able to earn money.

that's the law if we want to make money online.

next we will study more about affiliate marketing in the ...

5:41 AM

Tips to get top ranking

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at the time this article, we study how to get ranked in the top of this blog does not rank in the top, but up-and-there. And also I try to be bloger the best, this blog also as a place to study me.
honest I'm designing a web / blog will be paying to use the domain to be more steady. ok we direct my research in order to get the goals we have with money online.

  1. To get top ranking in search engines, we must first examine PageRank our competitors.
  2. Check if the PageRank web / blog that we have, web / blogs that have only PageRank 2 / 10 akan Remove our easy if we have a PageRank 5 or 6.
  3. Check tags <h1> in the web / blog our competitors, whether it uses the keyword there.
  4. Check whether the image in any web / blog our competitors tag <alt>.
  5. Check keywords that have content on the web / blog our competitors.

if we want to get top ranking using the above step. I mean
add keyword tags in <h1>, add tags <alt> in every image that we used, add the keyword in each of our content.

hope that helps

5:36 AM

Take action to get money

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start from the beginning until the last article yesterday, we have been discussing about how to start to earn money online or can be called a business online.

in the preceding article we have discussed about how to create a learning web, php programming, determine the topic and then determine whether the niche competitors and gain a little. all that is the beginning of an online business and the last is to get money from the business.

ago what is the problem so if we already know how earn money online, we do not need to discuss what makes key to earn money online. although we have a lock on how to get money but we do not run it so useless key that we get correct answer is "take action".

have a bloger requested to help someone to be able to successfully get money online, even the person giving the amount of money that is big enough. what bloger be answered by the answer you pay me useless with large numbers but no action
of your own.

This is a story I read from the original one bloger, so is the conclusion we must take action if the direction we want to achieve.

hopefully help to encourage

6:40 PM

tips competitors get low

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in some of the articles I read, to get the maximum results. we must determine the niche that is very high, that the higher the more the competition.

in the previous article I have discussed about the how to find a good niche. This time I find that the competition is low, why the competitor low as we can to maximize what our niche. okay let's study one by one.

What we search in google there are a number of searches you can examine your niche to the amount of results by searching google.

the theme is we make money free online, so I suggested that the number of small but too small as 50,000 early example of both. if we are many niche competitors our new keyword search which is still related to the niche is the niche we say about the gadgets, please try your search in google how many gadgets words produced, the large amount of search that is approximately the same as the 100,000 or 100,000 is the maximum.

hope that helps .....