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Tips to get top ranking

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at the time this article, we study how to get ranked in the top of this blog does not rank in the top, but up-and-there. And also I try to be bloger the best, this blog also as a place to study me.
honest I'm designing a web / blog will be paying to use the domain to be more steady. ok we direct my research in order to get the goals we have with money online.

  1. To get top ranking in search engines, we must first examine PageRank our competitors.
  2. Check if the PageRank web / blog that we have, web / blogs that have only PageRank 2 / 10 akan Remove our easy if we have a PageRank 5 or 6.
  3. Check tags <h1> in the web / blog our competitors, whether it uses the keyword there.
  4. Check whether the image in any web / blog our competitors tag <alt>.
  5. Check keywords that have content on the web / blog our competitors.

if we want to get top ranking using the above step. I mean
add keyword tags in <h1>, add tags <alt> in every image that we used, add the keyword in each of our content.

hope that helps


Richard said...

This would really help buddy. Thanks for sharing and more power.

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