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tips competitors get low

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in some of the articles I read, to get the maximum results. we must determine the niche that is very high, that the higher the more the competition.

in the previous article I have discussed about the how to find a good niche. This time I find that the competition is low, why the competitor low as we can to maximize what our niche. okay let's study one by one.

What we search in google there are a number of searches you can examine your niche to the amount of results by searching google.

the theme is we make money free online, so I suggested that the number of small but too small as 50,000 early example of both. if we are many niche competitors our new keyword search which is still related to the niche is the niche we say about the gadgets, please try your search in google how many gadgets words produced, the large amount of search that is approximately the same as the 100,000 or 100,000 is the maximum.

hope that helps .....


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