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get traffic for you site/blog

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many method to get traffic, in hire we said some tips or trick how site/blog can be have large traffic ok my don't long said how tips ,trick site/blog can be have traffic to be make money free online

1. content

keep adding fresh content you do it every day 1 content per day, why search engine like google, yahoo like fresh content. you can search free content in google but you must write who that writer content. i think is the best original content. the best affiliate to say add a minimum of 1 article per week it's ok but 1 article per day our every six hours well, that's the best.

2. submit to main directories

many more high quality links you have to your site, will be good why because more impressed
the search engines will be. start with major directories like

many more you can search in google but you sure to read the submission rules carefully at
each site. slow you down but it increases you chance

3. seo

create unique accurate page titles

in other that your to make money free online. article tag tells both users and search engine what the topic of a particular page is. the title should be placed within the head tag of the document.

description meta tag

description meta tag gives google and other search engines a summary of what the page is about.

this a little tip traffic but have power full if used , and don't forget if your have update site/blog send sitemap to google for more traffic.


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